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Personal website templates for only $50

Designed  to bring clients

Bonus: FREE one-hour editing help. Learn how to get it

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Benefits you get

Why get a DIY website template?

You will have a fully customizable website template. You'll get instant access to this design - no need to start from scratch. Easily change anything on the template - from colors, fonts, images, texts, and more! You will have complete freedom in customizing it for your business.

  • RISK-FREE: you don't have to worry that your web designer will disappear on you or turn out not capable of delivering a quality website. The site has already been built - check out the live demo

  • QUICK: no need to interview designers, wait for their availability and then the actual website. You can start booking appointments in 24 hours!

  • WELL STRUCTURED: no wondering "what should I write for my website and how much text do I need?". The template already has content suggestions. Bonus: the platform offers an AI-powered writing assistant, so you can create your copy in a couple of hours.

  • BUDGET FRIENDLY: no need to spend a fortune on a new website. Templates are 90% cheaper than custom websites.

  • GUARANTEED RESULT: you get exactly what you see on the live demo. So you know what you are getting from the start 


Simple Drag & Drop page builder


No coding or tech knowledge necessary


Easy to customize everything

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Designed to convert clicks into clients

Here is what you get with your website template


10 pages designed to bring clients


Calendly integration to immediately book appointments


Lead form to grow your email list


Mobile optimization


Built to convert

Trending templates

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Ambitious plans


Sweet harmony

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Unlimited Growth

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Rejuvenating Yoga


Start booking client appointments in 24 hours

How it works


Sign up with Wix. Please use my affiliate link to get an amazing bonus - free editing help.


Create your content. To establish a strong brand sign up for my newsletter. 


Edit your text, fonts, colors, and images. It is very intuitive, but you will have a pdf guide.


Publish your amazing website and start promoting it. Find your first clients!

I am here for you

About me

Hello ambitious people!


My name is Irina. I am a professional web designer and digital marketer. My passion is helping new businesses grow their online presence.


I have been marketing world-class brands since 2011. In ten years I handled plenty of complex international projects. But you don't need to take my word for it. Here are my certifications from Google, Hubspot, and SEMrush for digital marketing, so you can be sure that I know what I am talking about.

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What my clients are saying


Irina has helped me create a beautiful website for my business. She was very knowledgeable about any Wordpress questions I had and listened closely to my needs and desires and was happy and open to adjust anything along the way. Her eye for design is great and I am very happy with the result! Highly recommend her to help you set up a website from scratch! 


Launch business like a pro

Questions & Answers

Why so cheap?
This is a template. You need to add your own text and photos. 


Do I need tech knowledge?
No. If you are familiar with Word or PowerPoint, you can handle this. 


When do I get the website?
Within 24 hours after payment 


Is it ready to go live?
As soon as you add your text and photos you can start promoting it. 


How long will it take me to add text and photos?
Depends on your content. On average 2-3 hours. 


Are there any additional costs?
The platform has a free and paid plan. You can start working with no extra cost, as long as you are OK with a platform logo on top. You can also upgrade to a pro plan to remove the platform logo, add your domain name, and many other useful features for about $18/mo. This already includes hosting 


Get your amazing bonus

FREE one-hour consultation

You can get a FREE one-hour consultation or assistance with editing your WIx site. To get a bonus, please register using my affiliate link and upgrade to a premium plan. If you sign up for Wix using this link, I will get a small commission that pays off your one-hour consultation fee. No blah-blah. We'll share a screen and edit your site together.


User-friendly drag & drop

This is how easy it is to edit your site

If you can handle Microsoft Word or GDocs, you can do this, too!

Live your dream life

Imagine where you can be in one year

How long have you been waiting to start your online business? How many new year resolutions have you made? How many times do you say to yourself that starting Monday you will start working on your dream project?

Yet, years pass, and you still find yourself "considering the possibilities"?

So let's stop procrastinating and take the first step!

When I started an online business, it totally changed my life. It gave me the freedom to be where I want to be. It gave me an opportunity to choose my hours. And most importantly, the feeling of joy and fulfillment.

If I can do it, you can do it too! There are plenty of people in this world looking for a special gift that only you have!

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Happy Woman_edited.jpg

Let's get it started!

Yes, I want a website template

To buy your website template, please fill out the form below. Make sure to mention the name of the template in the comment. You will get access in 24 hours.

Thank you for placing an order. I'll get back to you shortly

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