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Email marketing services

Email marketing remains the main sales channel for most businesses, and it yields an extremely high ROI — $44 for every $1 you spend.

There is no better way to stay in touch with your clients and build meaningful long-lasting relationships. Email works great for building trust and growing your loyal audience.

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Turn website visitors into leads

Sign-up forms 


Promote your lead magnet with an automatic download

Sticky sign-up form at the corner of your webpage

Exit pop-ups: catch your potential clients before they leave

Reach out to your clients and prospects

Professional marketing campaigns


- Stunning templates

-  Strong subject lines

- Follow-up analytics


Send automated campaigns to new subscribers

Lead nurture sequences


 - Send automated welcome emails to your clients

- Send automatic follow-ups

- Make improvements based on analytics

Reach out to your clients and prospects

Email personalisation


- Audience segmentation

-  Address your clients by their name

- Send the information relevant to each group of subscribers

- Follow up on unopened emails


A fully automated sales funnel for your business

Email sales funnel


 - Stunning landing pages

- Automated sales emails

- e-commerce functionality

Email marketing take-off packages

Don't see your perfect match? Get a custom package!

Feeling overwhelmed with tech solutions for email marketing? I Will send your newsletters and update you on the progress starting from just $300 a month

Abstract Architecture


Starting from $330

Email list upload

1 sign up form

1 Welcome email

1 lead magnet upload

1 newsletter template

1 newsletter sent

1 hour training call

Ready in 7 days

Abstract Paper Craft


Starting from $650

3 email lists

3 sign up forms

2 welcome emails for each form

3 lead magnet uploads

3 newsletter templates

3 newsletters

1 hour training 

Ready in 14 days

Abstract Structure


Starting from $850

5 email lists

5 sign up forms

5 welcome emails for each form

5 lead magnet uploads

5 newsletter templates

5 newsletters

2 hour training 

Ready in 21 day

BONUS: free landing page included

email packages
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