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How to become
a digital nomad

What you need to know to travel and work remotely

The key to becoming a digital nomad is to find a job that allows you to earn money online. If you are new to this, it may seem difficult, but in fact working online has never been easier. Now with the global economy undergoing significant changes, more and more companies tend to hire remote workers or turn to freelancers. The global pandemic made this trend grow even faster. There are plenty of jobs out there which allow you to travel and work remotely. Here are the best digital nomad jobs and ideas on how to be a nomad.

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Digital nomadism is growing more popular as people realize the benefits of working online and 2020 made this trend even stronger. Nomad lifestyle allows you to work remotely, while traveling non-stop and making money on the road. Does this sound like a dream life to you? If so, here is a short guide for you on how to become a digital nomad.


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Start a blog

Starting a blog is one of the best ways to make money online. You are fully independent and you get to work on the things that you are passionate about. A good blog takes some time to make but once you have built your audience it becomes much easier and much more profitable. You can monetize your blog with paid advertising and affiliate marketing. By recommending to your audience the goods and services you like, you can earn commission from every purchase. You can start building your blog  for free on Wix - I love this platform for the great templates and user-friendly interface. Even if you are new to website creation, you will master it quickly. Learn how to start a blog and make money from it.

Sell on Amazon

Amazon is the king of the affiliate programs. You can publish product reviews in your own blog or special platforms and earn a commission for every sale. This also works perfectly well on social media. If you are a passionate YouTuber or active on other social networks and already have a lot of subscribers things will be a lot easier for you - just offer Amazon products to your loyal audience. Start with Amazon Affiliates here


Become a freelancer

Some jobs can easily be done remotely, and many employers prefer giving such tasks to freelancers. Graphic designers, IT professionals, SEO specialists, digital marketers, translators can make money from anywhere. Perhaps you already have the right skills and all you need is to register on freelance websites like Fiverr and start making money online. Make sure you invest enough time and effort into building a good profile to prove your professionalism.

Create an online course

Another great way to make money doing what you love. You may be an expert in managing your expenses, a talented guitar player or a keen gardener. Earn money online by teaching others to do the same! Online courses work great for hobbies and languages. Courses for new professions and side income are even more popular as people consider them as an investment. Creating a course from scratch may be challenging but the websites like Thinkific or Learnworlds already have the platform for you to work with and the right tools for your students to enjoy their learning experience. Here is a complete guide to creating and selling online courses


Find a remote work

Finding a job with an established company is the easiest transition to a digital nomad lifestyle, if you are used to the corporate environment. There are many companies hiring remote workers like Amazon or Salesforce. Remote jobs examples are customer support, accounting, sales and many others. The best websites, where you can find a remote job are Flexjobs and We work remotely

Convince your boss to work remotely

As obvious as the solution seems it is easier said than done. While some companies are rapidly adapting to the new market conditions creating virtual workspaces and learning to manage remote teams, others are still very conservative. Perhaps your boss is one of those people who believe they need to see you at your desk to make sure you are working. Anyway, if your work can be done remotely it is worth trying. If you get a “no”, there are many other options above.

These could be your online side gigs or main sources of online income, that give you better work-life balance and let you travel while working remotely

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