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International tax

Made simple

I am an experienced international tax consultant with a decade of expertise in the Big4. My specialization lies in offering businesses strategic advice on tax optimization, helping them minimize tax liabilities while ensuring compliance with international tax regulations.

Financial District

About me

My name is Giovanni Lombardi. I am committed to helping my clients navigate the complex world of international taxation. I work closely with businesses of all sizes to identify opportunities for tax savings and develop strategies for effective tax management. I pride myself on the ability to provide customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.


I provide a comprehensive range of tax consulting services aimed at assisting businesses in optimizing their tax positions. My services encompass tax planning, compliance, and dispute resolution. I collaborate with clients from diverse industries and jurisdictions to ensure they fulfill their tax obligations while minimizing their tax liabilities.

Tax audit

Let's see where your tax strategy can be improved


Transfer pricing

Avoid double taxation and ensure your revenue growth

Commercial Buildings

Tax optimization

Take advantage of the proven tax optimization strategies


“We had been working with another tax consultant for years but were never really satisfied with the results. Then we decided to switch to a tax optimization consultant, and the difference was night and day. They were able to identify so many areas where we could save money and helped us take full advantage of all the tax deductions available to us. We will never go back to our old consultant!”

Emma Fox

Client Testimonials

“We had been struggling with our taxes for years and couldn’t seem to figure out how to maximize our returns. But after working with our tax optimization consultant, we were able to identify areas where we were overspending and make significant changes to our tax strategy. Thanks to their expertise and guidance, we have saved so much money and are finally on the right track.”

Jerry Willsmith

“As a small business owner, I always felt like I was overpaying on my taxes and didn’t know where to turn for help. But when I hired a tax optimization consultant, they provided me with personalized advice and helped me reduce my tax liabilities significantly. The whole process was smooth and hassle-free, and I’m so glad I made the investment.”

Lora Mascotte

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